STEP – A new holistic coaching and development programme for diverse leaders

Saxton Bampfylde have been privileged to work with so many organisations who actively seek to diversify their leadership teams and provide development opportunities for their upcoming talent. As leadership advisors, we have a pivotal role to play in the development of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic leaders, and particularly those at a point of transition to executive leadership or board level.

Building on the success of our REACH mentoring programme for high-potential civil servants with a disability, we are proud to launch STEP, a holistic coaching, development and career development programme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic leaders. The programme aims to support those operating (or recently operating) in a leadership position and who will likely be considering significant career progression at executive or non-executive level.

STEP builds on the strengths and talents that individuals already have. It is designed to really understand existing strengths and areas of development, both psychologically and in practice.

Participants will have access to:

  • Saxton Bampfylde’s Search Consultants to discuss how to best navigate the internal and/or eternal recruitment landscape and their next career development stage.
  • Saxton Bampfylde’s Psychologists to receive insights from psychometric testing.
  • A Mentor or Coach to partner with in considering their current transition.
  • Access to a network of diverse, cross-sector professionals, webinars, seminars and networking events further broadening their contacts.

Stephen Bampfylde, Founding Partner at Saxton Bampfylde said:

“I am proud to be able to say that Saxton Bampfylde has worked consistently, since our founding day, to support the diversity and inclusion agenda. We have done so in both its fullest sense, and specifically in regard to the development and advancement of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic leaders. While the discussion has developed, our approach and commitment has remained simple: to identify the very best and most diverse talent for leading national and international organisations.

The launch of our STEP programme marks an evolution of our role, recognising our responsibility in the development of leaders, particularly at key points of transition. We look forward to continuing to support and further this important agenda in partnership with our clients.”

Pamela Leonce, Consultant and Diversity Advisor at Saxton Bampfylde said:

“What I love about the STEP programme is that it doesn’t start from a place of deficit, instead it recognises the talent that black and ethnic minority leaders already have. The focus is on elevating talented individuals and giving them greater access to opportunities.”

If you would be interested in the STEP programme for your organisation please contact our team at or more information can be found here.